Sea Turtle

Pat Lemke Feb 16, '15
Hi Doug,

Great website! Thanks for the fantastic fishing experience. I feel like I learned a lot about Andros and bone fishing but have only scratched the surface and can't wait to come again.

Kristian at Swain's said there was a mix up on my email address. I told her that you probably just couldn't read my messy writing. If you get a chance to forward any of the pictures here is my correct email address.

Thanks again, have a good season, tight lines.

Pat L

Jack, May 30, '14

I had not been fishing in the Bahamas since I was a young boy and really enjoyed the adventure back.

Let me just say that you have a great approach to working as a guide and conduct yourself in a professional manner at all times. From briefing us about the day ahead, the safety gear on the boat and the whole environment we were out to explore, you gave me great confidence that a good time was just ahead.

I was also very happy to talk about carpentry with you. Here is a link to a web page that shows my shop and and a barn project from start to finish. That's me in the overalls on the top of the finished frame.

I do plan to come back with Don next Spring if possible, and fish with you again. Here is another link to the photos I took while I was there. If you would like to use one on your web page, I'd be glad to support your business.

Take care, and if you every need advice on carpentry, get in touch any time!


Scott Karsten
Dear Cap B D,

I don't usually write glowing, or any, endorsements, but this time I have no choice. I have to tell you, after flyfishing for 55+ years and bonefishing for 30+ of those years, I have not had a better experience than you showed me and my friends last week. You were most gracious and helpful to the novices; you were great company in the boat; and oh yeah, I guess we saw and caught a ridiculous amount of bonefish! Many thanks, friend. We'll see you again next year for sure! And if I can find that same Cuda fly, I will send you one--or several. You were dead on when you said, "I think it will catch a cuda!" Enjoy the one we did snatch up!

Best regards,


Kristin Oren 3/21/14
Mary, Savannah and I had a fabulous time seeing the turtles and snorkeling with you! I just wanted to let you know that Savannah took the movie of you catching the turtle and unfortunately her camera got water in it and isn't working. I think we can still get the video off the SD card, but we haven't had the right card reader for it. Hopefully I can get it to you this weekend. I'll attach a few great pics we did get, though.
Thanks again! A wonderful experience and memory!!!
Kristin Oren

Pat Jobes -- 2/30/14
I recently spent several days fishing with Douglas Saunders. This was my first time bone-fishing. I could not have had a better guide. Douglas put us on to fish almost immediately. I hooked and lost one the first day, then caught several over the next couple of days. My buddy, who is an experienced bone-fisherman caught three times that many. I am an old (72) fly fisherman who had learned a lot of habits that were good for trout but bad for bone-fish. Had it not been for Douglas' incredible skill and knowledge, and his patient articulate suggestions and guidance, I would have been lucky to even see a fish, let alone catch any. Douglas was an absolute pleasure as a guide, a wonderful communicator and an enjoyable companion. He also showed us much more than bone-fishing.

Sandy Pittendrigh -- 3/1/14
I fished with Douglas on the same trip as Patrick above. We not only had a blast we caught a zillion fish too. I'm no expert but I have been bonefishing close to ten times now. Douglas is as good as it gets. Douggie is a very good communicator. I learned more about bonefish behavior than ever before (they always face into the current of the tide, whether it's going in or out, for instance). You should ask Douglas about Snappers too. You can catch them on a fly rod and they sure are good to eat. We stayed at the Mangrove Cay Inn and Pat Greene was happy to cook the Snappers we brought home.